Mike Randrup

Pet projects in code, graphics, and more.

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Mike is an enthusiastic User Interface Engineer and ASP.NET Application Engineer embracing the web’s second renaissance. Currently he works on making Match.com’s mobile web product behave like a native app in performance and features.

With three startups under his belt, and two of those companies still running strong without him, he’s planned, formed, led, raised capital, hired and managed talent, built marketing systems, managed vendors, maintained government compliance, and designed manufacturing processes.

He has well over 100 web projects under his belt, and appreciates just how much the web has evolved over the years. In the past, he’s worked on many sizable web applications for Dallas companies using PHP and MySQL as a platform. Prior to that, he wrote his web applications in PERL (implementing HTML templates and client session management in the process).

Although a bit of a footnote now, his past projects range from 100+ page print projects in InDesign and Illustrator to motion graphics videos in After Effects, and 3D animation for broadcast television, interactive web elements, and large -format print illustrations. LightWave 3D is his hobbyist rendering engine, though lately he has been primarily writing realtime 3D code for Microsoft XNA and OpenGL ES.