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Motion Graphics videos for Splash Coupons

These two videos were created to help the Splash Coupons sales force. The videos were available online, and also on iPads the sales team took to appointments. After Effects was my tool of choice. It was my first project getting to use After Effects after completing training. I’m looking forward to creating better and better results in future projects.

Style Catalog Explanation

The “Style Catalog” was a library of ad templates created for the advertisers. It included 96 different choices, and was built into an actual physical book that sales people took into the field. It was my most ambitious InDesign print project to date. This motion graphics piece I created explains the idea behind the Style Catalog.

Original “Are You in the Business?” Video

When tasked with dressing up a PowerPoint presentation, I chose to go the route of creating a motion graphics piece in After Effects. This was added to a special region of the website. A prospect was given a unique tracking URL by a sales rep (e.g. bobspainting.gosplash.net). With some simple DNS, Apache, & PHP magic I put together the customer was taken to a page to view this video, and their visit was tracked.

One feature in these videos is the “traveling line effect” in the background of both videos (most visible in 2nd video). The lines were created in Illustrator using an “expanded” “blend”. This was then brought into After Effects, where a 3D camera was attached to a variation of its own path. After Effects did an amazing job of rendering the vector artwork transformed in 3D space. The voiceover was edited in Adobe Soundbooth CS5. (I’ve now upgraded to Adobe Audition as part of Adobe CS5.5).

Credits: Shana Rose (voice performance), Various iStockPhoto.com Photographers, Mike Randrup (all other roles)